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Keith Porter Insulation & Fireplace offers both gas-burning and wood-burning fireplaces so you can have a new degree of warmth and style in any space. We also have a range of gas and wood stoves, mantle and marble facing, gas logs and accessories. We offer quality products from Heatilator, Quadra-Fire, Jøtul, Superior, Real Fyre Peterson, Fireplace XtrordinairGouldenBlount and Monessen Hearth Systems. Visit the Keith Porter Showroom to explore the radiant fireplace options available to you.


Keith Porter Insulation & Fireplace specializes in:

Gas-Burning Fireplaces

Gas-burning fireplaces continue to gain popularity in homes. All gas fireplaces can burn either natural gas or propane. We offer quality products from HeatilatorQuadra-FireFireplace XtrordinairGouldenBlount and Monessen Hearth Systems.


Wood-Burning Fireplaces

When people think of a fire on the hearth, they most often think of burning wood. For many, nothing beats the warmth and beauty of a true wood fire. Keith Porter offers wood-burning fireplaces from HeatilatorQuadra-Fire and Fireplace Xtrordinair.


Wood Fireplace Inserts

Wood inserts are a simple way to get the most heat out of your wood-burning fireplace. Inserts are made from plate steel or cast iron, and most have glass doors so you can see the flames. These appliances fit into the opening of the fireplace, with some models protruding onto the hearth. Some inserts extend out from the front of the fireplace, exposing more of the top, bottom and sides of the unit. Since these areas of the unit heat when a fire is burning, they deliver more heat into the room. Quadra-Fire is our manufacturer of choice for wood fireplace inserts.


Gas Stoves

Keith Porter offers a beautiful assortment of gas stoves that burn either natural gas or propane. We carry gas stoves from industry leaders like Quadra-Fire and HearthStone.


Wood Stoves

Light up your home with an ambiance that is different from a gas fire. A wood stove can be an economical option for adding warmth to a space. Keith Porter offers wood stoves from leading manufacturers Quadra-Fire and HearthStone.


Mantles and Marble

Since the hearth is often the focal point of a room, it deserves the proper mantle or marble facing. Mantles and facings are available in an array of styles and materials to complement a room’s décor. We offer mantles and marble facings from Fireside Furnishings, InterContinental Marble Corporation and Premier Mantles.


Gas Logs

Do you have an existing fireplace but rarely use it? Add a set of gas logs to have flames at your fingertips. Gas logs provide dramatic realism, from the lifelike ceramic fiber, concrete or refractory logs down to the glowing embers. These logs sets have a burner that uses either natural gas or propane. Keith Porter carriers gas logs from Golden BlountReal-Fyre Gas Logs and Monessen Hearth Systems.


Fireplace Tools, Accessories and Screens

Keith Porter Insulation & Fireplace carries a wide selection of tools and accessories so your fireplace can be even more enjoyable. Our selection includes:

  • Fireplace doors
  • Fireplace screens
  • Fireplace tool sets
  • Wood holders
  • Hearth rugs
  • Damper hooks
  • Hearth gloves
  • Coal and ash shovels

We offer products from Golden BlountDagan Industries and Pilgrim Hearth.


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