Gas Grills

Fire up your food prep routine with a new gas grill from Keith Porter Insulation & Fireplace. Gas grills offer more convenience than many charcoal grill types. Plus, a gas grill is a great starting point for an outdoor kitchen. We offer quality gas grills from FireMagic and BroilMaster. Visit the Keith Porter Insulation & Fireplace showroom to see our offerings and to find a gas grill that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Outdoor Kitchens

In any home, the kitchen is often the center of activity during parties and other events. An outdoor kitchen provides the same appeal by expanding your traditional outdoor gas grill space. Outdoor kitchens can range from a basic island with a gas grill to a more elaborate setup. Depending on how complex you want to make your outdoor kitchen, it could be considered a second kitchen and significantly contribute to the retail value of your home.


Visit the Keith Porter Insulation & Fireplace showroom to speak with a representative about your options. We’ll work with you to design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

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